Real Estate Leasing and Management Firm

 Based in San Francisco, DMcK Properties, LLC, offers an array of real estate services, including residential and commercial leasing, and sales and investment restructuring. DMcK Properties currently manages and leases upwards of 200 commercial spaces, apartment units, and single-family homes spread throughout the Bay area. 

Dedicated to meeting customer needs as expediently and affordably as possible, DMcK Properties provides competitive leasing solutions. The firm’s leasing services start at 4.5 percent of the total lease value. These services include the management of all advertising and tenant vetting as well as the creation of custom HTML listings posted on major property sites like Craigslist and Trulia. The firm’s experienced real estate professionals also negotiate rents and draft all necessary agreements. 

On the property management side, DMcK Properties handles the day-to-day operations of clients’ residential and commercial units. This service encompasses everything from accounting and general property upkeep to rent collection and tenant communication. Additionally, clients may opt to take advantage of the firm’s advanced property services, including eviction actions, capital improvement pass-throughs, remodeling, and other construction projects.